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 What causes...?

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PostSubject: What causes...?   Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:50 pm

About a couple of weeks ago, my brother adopted this friendly, female Beagle/American Pitbul mix from one of his friends. We're told the dog is a good hunter, so my brother and I took her out to the woods to she what she could do. So far, so good, but what is interesting is that when she came back to us, we noticed this smell, so we had her roll over to discover what looks like a wound but it is not; nonetheless, there is this septic-smelling leaking from under her left-front leg.

We've taken her to the vets, had tests and x-rays, but they haven't found what is causing this. Does anyone know? It's white in color and like mucus, smells like an infection, but according to my brother's vet, it's not. Question

I was wondering if anyone knows what that is? And if so, what causes it? What can we do about it or what can we put on it to stop it?Question
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What causes...?
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